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About the Festival

First off, none of this happens without the backing from the people of Great Yarmouth and the support of all the artists and strategic partners. Then there's 'us' (Kaavous Clayton, Julia Devonshire, Debby Besford & Mark Cator) stitching together all the components and working to ensure your work ... works.


Great Yarmouth’s Finding Emerson Foto Festival started life in 2021 as a collaboration between Utter Nonsense and originalprojects;. The aim was to place Great Yarmouth firmly within the history of photography and the pioneering work of the 19th century photographer Peter Henry Emerson. The festival makes use of eight venues in Great Yarmouth and one site on the UEA campus in Norwich. Contemporary photographers, painters, academics and curators have been invited to explore their own understanding and practice through a programme of exhibitions, discussions, performances and installations. The festival will provide people with the chance to discover more about P.H.Emerson, the history and development of photography as a whole, contemporary photographic approaches and the cultural heritage of Great Yarmouth.


All events are free.

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