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The Utter concept was created in 2015 by the photographer Mark Cator with an aim of inspiring more people to get involved with the medium. His passion for photography, and the chance to explore its wider uses as a means of expression, came together in 2018, with the launch of Utter Nonsense.

Since 2018 Utter Nonsense has hosted exhibitions, piano and experimental music recitals, workshops, put in motion a collaborative project looking at the town of Great Yarmouth, published six issues of Utter Journal and expanded Utter Studios for gallery and workspace for painter, Bruer Tidman and sculptor, Andy Sloan. In 2021 we staged Great Yarmouth's first photographic celebration, the Finding Emerson Foto Festival. From the success of the Festival we created the Finding Emerson Foto Foundation in 2023. The Foundation is committed to the language of photography and opportunity in the arts.
Our location is an old fishing warehouse in Great Yarmouth. Home of the ‘silver darlings’, the Venice of the North Sea, a town with a thousand year history and all built on a sandbank.


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