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In this world we walk on the roof of hell gazing at flowers
Kobayashi Issa

The photograph is a certificate of presence
Roland Barthes

It's as if in a dream, the experience is real, then on waking, the reality, or recall, is at best a vague attachment, which either horrifies or excites, where a glimpse of the whole remains unfinished, where life has suddenly become a curious matter.
Mark Cator

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To create is to live twice
Albert Camus

The image is never complete, its identity is another’s making. There can never be certainty in the content or context of image, and appropriation is a necessary function of the photographic image. People who don’t comprehend appropriation don’t comprehend the image. How can the seeing be final, it’s an utterly reuseable commodity and the idea that there is a monopoly on event is absurd.
Mark Cator

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