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Finding Emerson

Starting to put together film on the 19th century photographer P.H.Emerson which will be screened as part of Art & Place, St. George's Theatre, Great Yarmouth, on 11th February. The film will be a combination of Emerson's photographs, photographs I took in the 1990's and new aerial footage taken by my son, Oscar.

Peter Henry Emerson, photographer, artist, naturalist, physician, writer, died in 1936 all but forgotten by the art world he ignited in the 1880’s. It took until 1975 and the publication of Nancy Newhall’s book, ‘P.H.Emerson: The Fight for Photography as a Fine art’, for the world to realise that he was one of the great pioneers of modern photography and how, through his determination and weight of belief, he had changed the perception of photography for all time.

Peter Henry Emerson, The Old Order and the New, from Life & Landscape on the Norfolk Broads, 1887

Mark Cator, Carrying Reed,1990's

Still from the film, Finding Emerson, 2020

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