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There is a fascinating inevitability to war. In the fifteen years of looking I have come full circle. I can see the path I've taken but no longer recognise the map, the camouflage of history, the repetition of events, as if that which matters is no longer there. At the outset I railed against what I saw as the deliberate aestheticisation of war, only to arrive at the point where war without glamour, war that is invisible becomes even more sinister. It seems glamour is a small price to pay for the inadequacies of man.

I began looking at war in 2004, since then I have staged three exhibitions, Spoon & Fork in 2008, The Aesthetics of Disappearance in 2014 and Rescription in 2018. For My Love Of War will be the fourth and final exhibition, opening from 28th November - 8th December at the UtterBooks studio in Hendee House.

I firmly believe mankind is in awe of its own extinction and war is its' ultimate messenger.

Mark Cator, Toy Soldiers, 2008

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