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Marketa Luskacova

RRB Photobooks have just published a beautiful set of photographs taken by Marketa Luskacova, By the Sea, Photographs from the North East, 1976-1980. The images are quintessentially English with an outsiders temperance. "I was very touched by it all: the families with children, old women in their best hats, elderly couples with grandchildren."

"The fairground and the omnipresent tents, fortresses against the wind and rain, the seaside cafes selling sandwiches, apple pies, custard pies, ice creams and teas, of course. But they also sold boiling water to women who brought with them from their homes their teapots and teabags, because to buy teas for the whole family would be too expensive."

"What was overwhelming for me were the people at the beach dressed in their Sunday best."

Marketa Luskacova, Whitley Bay, 1978

Marketa Luskacova, Whitley Bay, 1978

Marketa Luskacova, South Shields, 1978

Marketa Luskacova, Whitley Bay, 1978

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