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There Is No Childhood

Carrying on from last week, it transpired that the child's naked body and even worse the child's penis was somehow distrurbing, perverted and for the printers to go ahead, all photographs where the child's penis could be seen, however oblique and however small, had to be removed. I declined their censorship. There was one exception to their censorial demands. In the afterword of Childhood, I had included a photograph taken in 1896 by Francesco Paulo Michetti, 'The Offering'. This photograph of a mother and her naked son with his penis in full view, would be allowed, as it was, "historical". The contemporary child's penis, however, was to remain hysterical, both tragically and comically.

Francesco Paulo Michetti, The Offering, 1896

Mark Cator, Inspecting the Tick, 1998

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