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Childhood?...There Is No Childhood...

There is Childhood, but not as the body of work I had intended. Utter Journal 002 will come out in September, followed by Utter Journal 003 in November. Male and female artists have been subjected to prejudicial sabotage for decades and, where photography and children are involved, the vomit of the small-minded has the ability to strike fear into the core of society’s thinking.

Childhood is an illusion, its temporality experienced in an endless tussle with reality, a disparity between actuality and memory, that of time remembered and time imagined. Children get caught up in our adult world, they get swept up in our phantasmagorical collective, our architecture of ready-mades. Children should be left to be children, full of contradictions, endearing, complicated, transient and, ultimately, aware of a world we have long forgotten.

Mark Cator, Red Trunks, 2014

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