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Maria Dupovkina

Maria Dupovkina's photographic odyssey into understanding the self, or her self, is this emotional typology of the body and mind. Few of us would posit ourselves in this way but Dupovkina applies herself with an honesty, an openess and an empathy which is remarkable. She is undeniably a beautiful woman who has the character of appearing vulnerable and strong simultaneously and Dupovkina's self portraits approach the question of sexual identity and gender in a succinct and clear narrative.

Boy. The part of me that I’m trying to live with, which is very difficult to understand. I’m just at the beginning. I’m not a tomboy. I’m not a fellow, but I’m not entirely a grown-up man.

Son. I am a single mom, so I have to be both — mother and father. And in this case, my duality is a good thing. Sometimes I can better act as a dad than as a mom. - Maria Dupovkina

Sister. I have four sisters. Five daughters in my family — four girlish girls and me. This is my younger sister. She is feminine and beautiful. - Maria Dupovkina

Woman. “You’re such a beautiful girl! Why are you doing this? Why are you usually dressed so ugly? Why don’t you use make-up? You’re a girl!” — everyone, always. I love this role, I like to play. And it’s certainly a part of me. But only a part.

Lost. It’s me. It’s all me. All this and so much more. But I do not have the right word. On the one hand, this is freedom, but on the other — I don’t belong to any community or group. I’m lost. - Maria Dupovkina

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