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Seeing what's on for 2019

The start of the year is looking good for exhibitions. Closer to home there is Elisabeth Frink and Ken Kiff at the Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts in Norwich and then down in London, Don McCullin, Pierre Bonnard and Bill Viola's work features high on my list to visit..

Elisabeth Frink at the sainsbury Centre until 24th February 2019

Ken Kiff, S15 Red Face, Spilt Cup, Sunface, Man & Tree, from The Sequence showing

at the Sainsbury Centre in Norwich until 21 April 2019

Bill Viola at the Royal Academy until 31st March 2019

Pierre Bonnard, Nude in the Bath 1925, from exhibition at the Tate Modern, showing

until 6th May 2019

Don McCullin, Ghaziveram, Turkish woman mourns her dead husband, The Civil

War in Cyprus, 1964, from exhibition at the Tate Modern until 6th May 2019

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