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From Poland to Romania

Christmas cards are always a dilemma for me. Instinctively I'm drawn to the Renaissance imagery of the Madonna and Child, Bartolomeo Montagna, Giovani Bellini. The nativity scenes I find kitsch, heavily sentimental, sanitised and at cross purposes to the biblical portrayal of a down at heel family finding refuge in the inn. I do like the crib scene but as an installation in my home, where an element of reality can be added, the personal touch. Okay, so I end up with the same animals peering in at the baby Jesus and Mary with Joseph, the three kings and the shepherds peering in as I peer in on them.

As for my own marking, or making, of the Christmas card it's been way short of consistent. I seem to leave everyting to the 17th day opening of the Christmas Calendar ... There are 364 days to plan for Christmas and yet it still catches me by surprise!

Mark Cator, 1988, pilgrimage to Czestohowa, Poland [Christmas card for 2008]

Mark Cator, 1990, Bucharest, Romania, schoolboy going home {Christmas card for 2006]

Mark Cator, 1993, the old city, Jerusalem, [Christmas card for 2014]

Mark Cator, 1984, Piazzetta di San Marco, Venice [Christmas card for 2001]

Mark Cator, 2010, the Winged Girl [Christmas card for 2010]

Mark Cator, 2010, the Winged Boy [Christmas card for 2010]

Mark Cator, 2011, Whoah! [Christmas card for 2011]

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