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Launch of Utter Journal 001 Spring 2019

Utter Journal sets out from a small beginning in Great yarmouth, a town made famous in photographic circles through the work of the pioneering 19th century practitioner Peter Henry Emerson. Utter Journal will endeavour to establish a confidence in photography based around a deeper knowledge of its architecture as a language, looking at its musicality, typography and text, and the art of sequencing the elements of form to transcend the collective amalgam into a deeply personal experience. It is aimed at all practitioners who have a love of photography. It's not a publication for photographers or about photographers, it's for anyone who sees with photographs and is willing to navigate the intricate pathways of narrative composition.

In the ever-increasing volume and noise of images, it is important to acknowledge what it is we are looking for and the value of our own unique view.

Utter Journal, Issue 001, Spring 2019

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