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Inside The UtterBooks studio

I can hardly say this is a guided tour and anyhow there's not a huge amount to tour, but with UtterBooks now in its six month at Hendee House on Battery Road someone suggested a peek inside. Since kicking off in April of this year, with a launch on a day cold enough to freeze the water in the puddles outside as if from one of Maggi Hamblings sea paintings, we have mounted three exhibitions and later this month launch Issue One of the Utter Journal. There's no doubt that the building steals the show. Brick built in 1908 it remains one of the many that were the backbone to the fishing industry which in its heyday brought much wealth to the town. The fishing industry has moved on but the legacy and history of those days lives on.

Will Ferguson rehersing the War Sonata for Rescription, 2018. With Cuba exhibition in the background.

Bridget Heriz's sculpture, The Monsters Gather, 2018, as part of the Rescription exhibition, 2018

My bed, 2018

Bridget Heriz & William Ferguson discussing the War Sonata & Rescription, 2018

Mark Cator, Come And See, 2014, still hanging out in the rafters.

Display as part of the UtterBooks launch in April, 2018

UtterBooks Studio, in the courtyard, Andy Sloanes sculptures & workspace

The UtterBooks Studio, BatteryRoad, aerial shot, 2018

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