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The Great Yarmouth Project .... and launch of Utter Journal, Issue One

The final edit is finalised! 132 pages of photographs, paintings and text taken from The Great Yarmouth Project and combined with Peter Henry Emerson's celebrated work, Wild Life on a Tidal Water, published in 1890. The 'soft' launch of Utter Journal and exhibition private view for The Great Yarmouth Project will take place on Saturday 1st December at the Great Yarmouth Library. [Notification to follow in the next blog].

“The Great Yarmouth Project has been an eighteen month collaboration between painter Bruer Tidman and photographer Mark Cator, local artists operating out of a coastal town that effortlessly combines art, industry, entertainment and a thousand year history, and all built on a sandbank on the edges of the North Sea. Their paintings and photographs offer up a subjective engagement with Great Yarmouth that has a beguiling empathy and understanding of place.”

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