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Herzog, Cohen, Eggleston, Shore

There's a natural, uncluttered curiousity these photographers have to both colour and photography. Which has the greater draw in a photograph, the colour or the content. For me, colour is what soundtrack is to cinema, it's this emotional marker. Mark Rothko and Josef Albers made that a certainty in their paintings. Fred Herzog, Mark Cohen, William Egglestone and Stephen Shore made it a certainty in their photographs.

Fred Herzog, Man with bandage, 1968

Fred Herzog, CN Bridge, Main, 1966

Mark Cohen, Girl holding blackberries

Mark Cohen, Woman with red lips smoking

William Eggleston, untitled, 1965

William Eggleston, untitled, Sumner, Mississippi, 1970

Stephen Shore, Cincinnati, Ohio, 1974

Stephen Shore, Merced River, Yosemite National Park, 1979

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