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Rescription - For Our Love Of War

"I went to understand war, its terrifying simplicity was so bright it burnt my eyes. I went to collect war, gathering up an afterbirth. The child is my best start point. I look at this process, my collect of war, my war collection, and the child is written everywhere, naive, and its my ghastly disconnected desire to be part of the action, to perform. And so the language of war begins, with this child ... once upon a war." - Mark Cator.

I've been working with a good friend, Bridget Heriz, sculptor and painter and since 2001 she has been keeping her own personal 'war diaries', her own response as an artist to conflict. With this exhibition, Rescription, we decided to collaborate, bringing together the project I began at a similar time, For Our Love Of War.

"Once the desire for vengeance has been inflamed, the monsters gather and I find myself expressing my thoughts and feelings through mythological metaphor. I explore the psyche of the warrior and the long established means to prime boys at a young age for conflict. I explore the complicity of women when they proclaim the warrior hero, the 'strong' leader, the bully. Amongst all these themes I see faces of women emerge, who are watching, knowing, resilient, brave. They have an inherited knowledge of what war really means and they have no illusions." - Bridget Heriz

The exhibition is on Sunday 8th July 2018, from 11am - 6pm, at the UtterBooks studio, Hendee House, Battery Road, Great Yarmouth, NR30 3NN.

Mark Cator & Bridget Heriz, Rescription, 2018

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