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Photo London

Fantastic couple of days at Photo London in Somerset House. It's a big do to pull off, so all credit to the organisers behind this one. There's a lot to get your eyes round and the approach needs a little bit of strategy or your pupils will burn out early in the day.

I'm going to duck out from marking up the high points, there were loads, and flag up a print by Malick Sidibe I saw at the Hackelbury Gallery and a series by Robin de Puy shown at Lens Culture.

I've known Malick Sidibe's work for a long time and always relished his obvious joy of life and participation with his subjects. Their freedom and self expression radiates out for all time. Robin de Puy I've not come across but her intimate portrait of a 15 year old boy she met in Nevada shows a deep empathy and respect. Interestingly she talks of the need for a photographer to impose their own identity on the subject. I didn't feel this here and have always felt that the photographer should be a passive identity but active emotionally in a portrait.

Malick Sidibe, A Ye-Ye posing, 1963

Robin de Puy, Randy & Robin, 2016

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