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Fuss, Derges & Fabian Miller

My sister rang last week, "How about another collaborative project?". In 2015 she published a pamphlet of poems, Angels and Other Diptera for which I supplied a single photograph of a young girl walking along the top of a wall. She'd seen some photograms by Gary Fabian Miller, been hugely inspired and was thinking of photography in the same vein. I'd seen his prints last year at the London Photo Fair and found a spiritual quality which is quite sudden and unexpected.

I've never done camera-less photography but remember the brilliant exhibition the Victoria & Albert Museum put on in 2010 called the Shadow Catchers. Gary Fabian Miller was one of the artists presented, alongside Susan Derges, Adam Fuss, Floris Neususs and Pierre Cordier.

Gary Fabian Miller, 2011, Black Sun, Autumn

Susan Derges, 2013, Hemlock

Adam Fuss, 2011, Untitled

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