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Plant Form

For the last twenty years my garden has been this multitude of canvases, a landscape that seems to have shaped itself around the demands of the children as they grew up. What is so intoxicating though, is the way nature re-invents itself, wrapping it's tendrils in a vivid imagination of what's to come.

I've got this fairly large archive of plants from the garden that I photographed four to five years ago and, like much of my work, I've never got round to developing and printing. So, in recognition of this years' Spring springing with unmatched speed, I've gone forth and printed a few more. You can't beat nature!

Mark Cator, 1996, Ben with Willowherb

Mark Cator, 2014, Sorbus Acuparia

Mark Cator, 2014, Common Fig

Mark Cator, 2014, Pine

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