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Atget, Levitt, Mayne, Cohen, Meyerowitz

I've been photographing on the streets of Great Yarmouth, which as Garry Winogrand once quipped, doesn't make you a 'street photographer'. He disliked the reference. For me if the street belonged to any photographer it has to be Eugene Atget who spent a lifetime photographing the changing face of Paris at the end of the 19th century. Helen Levitt photographed the life of the street in 1940's New York, Roger Mayne in 1950's London, Mark Cohen in 1970's Wilkes-Barre and Joel Meyerowitz in 1980's New York. Each of these photographers over layed their own passage of existence on to the world they witnessed.

Eugene Atget, Paris, 1890's

Helen Levitt, New York, c.1945

Roger Mayne, London, 1956

Mark Cohen, Wilkes-Barre, 1980's

Joel Meyerowitz, New York, 1980's

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