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Heinrich Kuhn / Winter

Heinrich Kuhn was an Austrian-German photographer [1866-1944] and a pioneer of photography and the pictorialist movement both in his home country and abroad. His was an idealised world of bucolic ease and sensual pleasure, devoting his passion of photography to creating the perfect tonal image using the gum bichromate and photogravure printing out processes, as favoured by the leading amateur photographers and pictorialists at the turn of the 20th century.

His main subjects where his children and landscapes. Few photographers have captured the sense of winter as well as the pictorialists and Kuhn's platinotype, Meadows on he edge of the Isar, 1897, is a beautiful example of tonal rendition.

Heinrich Kuhn, Meadows on the edge of the Isar, [platinotype], 1897

Heinrich Kuhn, the Kuhn children

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