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The Great Yarmouth Project

Great Yarmouth dances beyond the conformities of a controlled aesthetic. As Giuliana Bruno has said, ‘a landscape is, in many ways, a trace of the memories and imaginations of those who pass through it ... an intertextural terrain of passage’.

It’s 125 years since P.H.Emerson and T.F.Goodhall published their celebrated book, Wild Life on a Tidal Water, set in Great Yarmouth and Breydon Water. It’s twelve years since Bruer Tidman and Mark Cator first talked of collaborating as painter and photographer to capture an image of Great Yarmouth as found today.

The first stage ran from June 2017 - September 2017, working fast and sketching out. The second stage carrries from this point to September 2018. The photographs and paintings presented at Hendee House represent a work in progress.

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