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Back at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park

Another meeting in Yorkshire ... and a visit to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park.

From the inside galleries, two dazzling sculptures from the '60's by Anthony Caro and Philip King catch my eye. Outside in the park, Hemali Bhuta's work, embedded imperceptibly to the surrounding woods, is an exceptional rendering of space. Speed Breakers are the roots of a fallen beech tree, cast in bronze and installed along a walking route. "These shallow roots seem to be transmitters ... as though they are swallowed back into the land. They suggest the growth of an unborn tree or one that has died. They refer back to the bronze age layered in the earth". - Hemali Bhuta

Anthony Caro, Slow Movement, 1965. [painted steel]

Hemali Bhuta, Speed Breakers, 2012. [bronze]

Philip King, Point X, 1965. [fibreglass, polyester and paint]

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