peter henry Emerson

Peter Henry Emerson, photographer, artist, naturalist, physician, writer, the list is endless, died in 1936 all but forgotten by the art world he ignited in the 1880s. It took until 1975 and the publication of Nancy Newhall’s book, ‘P.H.Emerson: The Fight for Photography as a Fine art’, for the world to realise that he was the great pioneer of modern photography and how, through his determination and weight of belief, he had changed the perception of photography for all time.

Marsh Leaves recordings by Jason Parr

A Moonlit Midnight
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A moonlit midnight.jpg
A Horse Dealers Death
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Conscience Muck-rake
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Sunday Afternoon
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Dropped Eggs
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A son of the Vikings
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Finding Emerson by Mark Cator

Life and landscape on the Norfolk broads 


Film on Emerson by his great grandson Stephen Hyde

P.H. Emerson at Michael Hoppen Gallery
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originalprojects; Mark Cator - Finding Emerson 

A Screening and Discussion March 4th, 7:30pm

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An introduction to a photographic pioneer and his work in Greater Yarmouth. 
This event will include a film screening (13mins) followed by a discussion between originalprojects; and Mark Cator from Utter Nonsense.

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The Utter concept was created in 2015 by the photographer Mark Cator with an aim of inspiring more people to get involved with the medium. His passion for photography, and the chance to explore its wider uses as a means of expression, came together in 2018, with the launch of Utter Nonsense.

Since 2018 Utter Nonsense has hosted eight exhibitions, produced a short film on the photographer Peter Henry Emerson, and put in motion a collaborative project looking at the town of Great Yarmouth. In 2021 they have launched Utter Books, providing a platform of learning around workshops and online podcasts, with an emphasis on exploring the narrative structure of photography and the manufacture of the photobook as an object in its own right.

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originalprojects; is based in the East Coast town of Great Yarmouth and is currently overseen by artist-curator Kaavous Clayton and artist-facilitator Julia Devonshire.

In 2002 originalprojects; was formed as an amorphous collective of artists who could work together to make things happen in Norwich. It was inspired by meeting artists when working on EASTinternational and motivated by the lack of opportunities and space to present things in the city and the desire to connect both within and beyond.

One of the first projects that was developed was context;, a self-published occasional document that provided a platform within its pages for artists to present work in the absence of a physical exhibition space. This was followed by other enabling works including propogator (2003), a public-access bureau for audiences to share their own proposals for potential artworks, and provopolis (2005 and 2007), a live event that merged performances and activity by local and international artists with local performers and enthusiasts.