finding Emerson Open art competition

The Finding Emerson Open
The People's Archive of Great yarmouth

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The Finding Emerson Open began this year with the 2021 photographic competition and will continue for the next four years in order to create an online – and printed – People’s Archive of Great Yarmouth.


Photographers from all walks of life, either professional, amateur, student, artist, or just passionate observers of the world we inhabit, are welcome to submit their work. Each photograph will be judged on its own merit and it remains the judges decision as to which photographs are included in the archive. We will maintain the original ethos of the competition so that the spirit of Peter Henry Emerson, and his approach to representing people and place, is upheld.

We have been enormously encouraged with the support for, and contributions to this project since launching in June, and the competition has given rise to a fantastic level and quality of photography across a broad spectrum of subject. It is hoped that many more of you will join this journey and help create a truly remarkable visual record of the town, so that today, and in a 100 years time, we might be amazed at what we see.

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