bring 100 photographs

Bring 100 Photographs
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bring 100 photographs

Course breakdown

Course date: Dates for 2022 to be announced

Time: Sat: 10:00 - 17:00

Sun: 10:00 - 15:00

Location: Utter Studios, 

Battery Road,

Great Yarmouth,

NR30 3NN

Price: £360

The Workshop, Bring 100 Photographs: The Making of a Photobook


This workshop is structured around the following elements:


  1. The history and thinking behind the photo book

  2. The importance of editing, collating and sequencing of text and photographs.

  3. Design interpretation, text  and typography

  4. Bookbinding and understanding paper

  5. The art of the cover


This is a highly intense workshop and participants need to arrive fully prepared. Directing you through the workshop will be a photographer, a designer, a bookbinder and paper specialist, a painter and a digital technician. The studio administrator and manager will also be on hand. The workshop will consist of a maximum of 8 participants and a minimum of 6, split into 2 groups. The workshop will run from 10am – 7pm on Saturday, and 10am - 3pm on Sunday and take place in the Utter Studios.


It’s important to understand that a photo book is intrinsically a combination of text and image and you should think about both aspects the moment you sign up. Your selection of 100 photographs need to be uploaded 1 month in advance so that we can have contact prints made ready for when you arrive.


The cost of the workshop is £360. This to include all the materials for creating your photobook, printing, tuition, food and drink on both days. There is a small kitchen if people wish to bring their own food. There are toilets. Also, a shower if anyone fancies a quick dip in the sea [only 100 yards from the studio]. Please bring your own towels … and swim wear.


The studio is on the second floor with no disabled access.


Should you wish to arrange any overnight accommodation there is a Premier Inn 150 yards from the studio. We can also suggest a range of hotels and B&B’s in Great Yarmouth.


A full list of what to bring, timetables and the process of uploading your images will be made available in early April 2021. Extra reading and technical notes will be made available online at the same time.


Each participant will leave with their own photo book as a physical object.


Profits from the workshops will go towards funding workshops with local schools in Great Yarmouth and the surrounding rural area as part of the Utter Nonsense outreach programme.


If for whatever reason the workshops have to be cancelled you will be refunded in full. If for whatever reason you have to cancel we take a 15% cancellation fee. If you cancel later than a month before the workshop, I’m afraid there is no refund.